WordPress is a FREE and open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is extremely popular. Many advocates will attempt to sway you to use WordPress based on the grounds of it's popularity. However, there can be serious drawbacks and the 'most popular' may not necessarily be the most suitable.

WordPress's main advantage (apart from the fact that it's free) is that a site can easily be constructed by anyone, someone without any programming knowledge. It is the artists' equivalent of colouring-by-numbers.

WordPress may well be for you so I don't dismiss it outright; I'll let you decide after presenting alternatives with all the pros and cons of the many solutions out there.

WordPress Pros:

  • Requires minimal skills
  • Free
  • Quick to setup

WordPress Cons:

  • Inflexibility
  • Bloated HTML code & scripting
  • Slow to render webpages - more
  • Excessive HTML5 errors - more
  • Difficult-to-use CMS

Don't take my word for it........
There is plenty of advice on the internet about Wordpress's shortcomings. One such site......
5 reasons why a wordpress stock theme will kill your business
explains the consequences of ignoring the bloated nature of Wordpress, with the following quote......

"All WordPress stock themes are bloatware. All of them. Why is that? Because stock themes come with “click to choose” options.
The idea is that you won’t need to code to have a few design choices. The theme bloats your site because, when the website loads, all those “click to choose options” (that you’re not using) load also.
Aside from that issue, many themes simply load way too much coding in the background. We’ve seen some sites so bloated, that with plugins, there were 20 or more CSS stylesheets that would load in the background, instead of the lean and mean, two or three."