♻ Green & Sustainable Web Design

What on earth is this? Well, one of the fastest growing consumers of energy is the IT and communications sector, especially mobile connectivity and the, now, thousands of acres of server farms that are Cloud Data Centres holding, for example, all our social media drivel. I am proud to be playing a small part in minimising my environmental impact and the impact of my web sites through considered design.

  • My sites are hand coded. This eliminates unnecessary code-bloat and makes the site faster to download.
  • My PCs, servers and network run on home-generated solar (and soon wind) power with battery backup. My PCs use a Linux Operating System that can comfortably run on low energy-consuming, passive processors, typically half that of an Apple/Windows desktop. My home's servers run on just a few watts; compared to the norm of a few hundred watts.

For further reading please search the web but an introduction, that may be of interest, you can be found here