Web Site Design @ Coll Digital

Tony Oliver has been designing websites since 1996 and interactive websites on Coll since 2003. Tony was the web designer at Menter Môn, the Isle of Anglesey's Enterprise Agency. He's a proficient programmer and custom codes each site to suit the client's needs.

The design of a web site must be such that your viewer leaves with a notion of being completely impressed and wanting to return at a later date.

All his current sites are HTML5 compliant and optimised for:-

  • Super quick download times
  • Optimised graphics & scripting
  • Custom coding to maximise flexibility and ensure compatability with all browsers, phones & tablets

The basic criteria any site should meet:

  • Your site should be informative, attractive and easy to navigate.
  • Your site should download quickly.
  • Your site should be easy for you to update.
  • Your site should work on all platforms and browsers.