Tony Oliver

It all got serious in 1970, building high definition (for the day) cameras to inspect nuclear reactor in-core welds' integrity for the C.E.G.B.

This boosted my photographic interest and in the 1980s I started to feed a hungry guide book market with 'travel' photos. Pre the internet guide books were popular, enjoying a buoyant market I traipsed around... The Norwegian Fjords, France (a lot of France), North Wales, Ontario, Madrid, Iceland and about as far north as land allows. This had turned into a travel, wildlife and outdoor-product photographic business selling mainly to the adventure travel industry and accompanying articles about the wildernesses I love.

Today, my photography is mainly wildlife, landscape and environmental based in The Hebrides.

Working in Lappland

Tony, testing a 'winterised' Bronica @ -30°C.