Acrylic Prints

Highest quality Acrylic Photo Prints made to order in many sizes and images.

As seen in the Coll Hotel Restaurant (Common dolphin) & An Cridhe (Feall beach).

  • Secure wall hanging on the back.
  • No traditional framing required.
  • Contemporary styling
  • Professionally printed and delivered to your home (or collect from Coll).
High quality Acryllic Print


All Acrylic Photo Prints are from high resolution images, optimised for colour & contrast and taken with some of the sharpest lenses available. A few images are from older (lower resoltion) digital cameras and I will inform you if the image chosen it too large.

Glossy Acrylic Glass

Using state-of-the-art laser exposure systems, your photo print will show clear contours and powerful colours. Mounted under 2mm of acrylic glass enhances these characteristics and adds a clear sense of depth to the picture.

1) Crystal clear acrylic glass
2) Real photo print & permanently elastic silicone
3) Sturdy aluminium Dibond backing

High-End, Brand-Name Paper

First Class Acrylic Photo Prints printed on brand-name paper using modern laser exposure techniques and a traditional developing process.

Rich colour reproduction and guaranteed non-fade for many years.

Aluminium Dibond

Longevity and Protection for your Acrylic Photo Print: The protective backing of the Acrylic Photo Print is 3mm thick aluminium Dibond, which consists of two thin, platinum-white sheets of aluminium sandwiched around a black polyethylene core. The three-layered construction gives this light material long-lasting stability and prevents light from shining through.

1) Aluminium layer
2) Black synthetic core
3) Aluminium layer
4) White backing

Image Selection:

Ready To Hang: Wall-Mounts
Picture edge over 50cm
Aluminium hanger
Aluminium hanger
Picture edge 26cm - 50cm
Parallel Aluminium rails
Parallel Aluminium rails
Picture edge up to 25cm
Picture hanging hooks
Picture hanging hooks
Picture edge 20cm - 100cm
Wall posts
Wall posts