Your website needs to be FAST

If your website, especially the 'home' page, is slow to download (or render) you will loose your viewer. There are many factors governing the speed your pages render but even with super fast fibre-optic connections it's amazing how, in general, sites are getting slower and slower.

Coll Digital writes accurate and concise programming code that ensures the fastest possible rendering of a page. All graphics are fully optimised for quick loading and bulky scripting minimised.

Minimal sized downloads are especially important in the mobile world where usage penalties can occur, particularly in other countries. Minimal downloads also results in a 'greener' web.

But minimal sized downloads are equally vital for the outreaching areas of our country. The remoter parts of Coll, or on a CalMac ferry, where broadband speeds are dubious, often cannot render the slower sites at all. If your potential viewers only live in a super-fast broadband area then this may be irrelevant but there are still a lot of people who struggle to get good broadband connections, and these may be people you wish to reach. 

You may not be convinced about any of this, so below is a chart (and graphs) of all of the Isle of Coll's websites comparing features that affect download speeds. The comparisons are quite astonishing......

COMPARISON OF COLL WEB SITES (HOME PAGE) (written in HTML5, the latest web code).

Tests all obtained from Google's site -
The number of HTML5 errors obtained from

List in order...

Best at the top

Alphabetical (web address)
Fastest loading
Web page size (bytes)
Tests (average of the four tests)
Number of HTML5 errors in the code (excludes HTML4)


Web Address Design by Coll Digital # Time to load
Web Size (bytes) Tests * Code CDN HTML5
Design by others Secs Marks/100 1 2 3 4 0
0.62 100
55 A A A A HTML5 0 1
0.90 98
90 A A A A HTML5 0 2
1.11 97
227 A A A A HTML5 0 3
1.15 96
117 A A A A HTML5 0 4
1.17 96
193 A A A A HTML5 0 5
1.98 91
659 A A A A HTML5 0 (New site) 6
1.98 91
636 D A A A HTML5 0 7
2.27 90
79 A A A A HTML5 0 8
3.16 84
924 A A A A HTML5 0 9
3.17 84
958 A A A A HTML5 0 10
4.23 78
1797 B A A F WordPress X 39 11
4.40 77
1481 F A F A WordPress X 14 12
4.99 74
982 F A A A WordPress X 23 13
5.30 72
1318 F A A A WordPress X 33 14
7.46 59
5835 F A A A HTML5 X 56 15
7.97 56
3317 F A A A Lodgify 27 16
9.02 50
2901 F A F A WordPress X 101 17
9.12 49
2785 F A F B WordPress X 84 18
9.48 47
3035 F A F A WordPress X 73 19
9.62 46
3584 D A A A WordPress X 222 20
9.87 45
2896 F A F C WordPress X 96 21
11.00 38
3731 F A F A WordPress X 85 22
11.69 34
1760 F A F A WordPress X 28 23
11.93 33
3343 F A F B WordPress X 70 24
12.93 27
5008 F A F B WordPress X 129 25
13.15 25
5369 F A F F WordPress X 88 26
13.60 23
5279 F A F A WordPress X 145 (Old Site) 27
13.91 21
4182 F F F A WordPress X 105 28
17.51 0
5117 F A F A WordPress X 73
The data was a snapshot (08.03.2019) and may well be different today.
Download speed (small is good)01.534.567.5910.51213.51516.518012345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728The numbers refer to order of listing in table aboveTime (secs) HTML5 WordPressAll others


Time to Load
  Marks are out of 100 (100 is the fastest, 0 the slowest of group)

* Tests are graded from A - F (A = best) Full details can be found here
  Test 1. How long it takes for the internet's system to find your site - like a phone directory
Test 2. A geeky term dependant on the hosting company's server setup
Test 3. Quality of file compression from the server - affects download time.
Test 4. Control of image compression


HTML5 indicates hand-crafted raw code from a programmer
WordPress is a free package that generates HTML5 code. This saves the user from having to understand HTML5
Colorlib, Lodgify & SquareSpace offer on-line web design using HTML5 templates.
HTML4 (shown in grey) in out-of-date but still supported by all browsers.

  Content Delivery Network is a system of wordwide distributed servers that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server. This speeds up page delivery time (considerably) and minimises the energy consumed in delivering that page.