Cisco Linksys E1200 & DD-WRT

Error on 'Reset' - will not connect via ethernet....

There is a persistent bug with some E-series routers in DD-WRT after a reset, where the LAN-ethernet ports are not bound to anything, and only wireless (WLAN) is working initially.

Below is a fix: 

Connect to the E1200 using WiFi (the SSID = dd-wrt). The IP address of the router will be
and DHPC will be On. I use my old laptop for this.

Type into your web browser

You will be asked, and need to, enter a new user name and a new password.

Next, select Setup (enter your new user name and password)
and next select VLANS tab.

Change ticks to be as below

Press "Apply Settings" at the page bottom.
Go to Setup => Networking

The problem is in the 'Current Bridging Table' in that br0 doesn't work with interface vlan0

Click 'Add' under Create Bridge and change to look like
Don't be alarmed, yes, you need two lines the same.
Without the duplicate it fails to work - I've no idea why. It should look as below.............

Next click 'Add' under Tagging and enter
VLAN 1 Interface => choose br0 from drop down
change line 1, VLAN 0 Interface, dropdown to vlan2........... as below

Press "Apply Settings" at the page bottom.

The Current Bridging Table should now Bridge br0 to interface eth1 vlan1
Check that under Port Setup...
WAN Port Assignment is "vlan1"

You should now be able to login using ethernet connection.


To install DD-WRT on the Linksys E1200, please see details here =>