Green Web Design

The digital world impacts the planet too....


How I minimise my impact:
  1. Often taken for granted, website design can have a world-wide environmental impact. Many sites, particularly those using WordPress, are full of 'bloat'. To minimise world bandwidth, I ensure my sites are free from excess code and only show fully optimised images. I hope you may have noticed that sites I create download quickly. This is due to efficient, hand coding.

  2. My home network, routers, servers and PCs all run off home produced electricity; solar panels and a small wind turbine, with battery storage.

  3. My office computers are low energy Linux based using 10s of watts instead of the normal Windows/MAC PC/laptop using 100s of watts.

  4. My home servers (for NAS, VPN and IoT) are Banana/Raspberry Pis which use just a couple of watts !
We all need to play our part and Coll Digital attempts that with imaginative and efficient web design.
Home-made electricity