Hanging your acrylic print

Your print will come with two custom made wall hanging brackets. You need not use them but should you choose to, the following installation instructions may help.

These brackets are designed for a 3mm - 4mm screws.

Hanging your Acryllic Print

1) On the reverse side of print
  1. Remove both end caps on the upper hanging bar. You will not need them anymore.
  2. Measure the length of the bar X (as shown in blue)

2) Fix brackets to wall

Fix the two brackets to the wall ensuring they are horizontally positioned.
Make them about 20mm closer together than your measurement X.

3) Fix print to brackets

Slide the print onto the brackets from one side until positioned

If you haven't enough room to the side to do this:

  1. loosen one of the wall brackets slightly and rotate it a few degrees.
  2. slide the print onto the loosened side
  3. rotate the print to the horizontal
  4. slide the print over to the other wall bracket